DAZZO  Acoustic Pickups  



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Harp guitar

Popular 2 Dazzo’s set $199 USD

Acoustic steel string  ,Classical / Flamenco , Arch tops , Resonators - biscuit /spider  , Stand up Bass , Cello  . Please specify when ordering .

Love them ( you will ) or  refund 30 days no questions . Sales in Calif include tax .

Black metal ITALIAN endpin jacks $14.99 sold seperate .


$99 1 Dazzo single pickup -Ukelele ,Banjo ,  (Carpenter clamp  not included for Violin ) but endpin jacks are available below for extra .

3 Dazzo’s set $299 acoustic harp guitars


DAZZO IS PASSIVE !!  ... Works great with Red-Eye preamps or with most popular outboard /inboard preamps  like Baggs ,Fishman ,Pick Up The World  , Barcus Berry,  Klarke Tech ,most wirelesses , Sounds killer in Pendulum  .

These will NOT work well on some James Goodall guitars or Leo Kottke signature Taylors , sorry !


“Your pickup is your Instrument “  USA made . 30 day refund no question policy .

Military / Vets %25 off call teddy@dazzopicups.com


HEAR DAZZO HERE - Ben M. plays (without the Sunrise ) ....

ONE SIZE FITS ALL for ALL applications including ALL BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENTS  ....Standup Bass , Fiddle , Guitar , resonator , Banjo .


Copywright 2010 Teddy Randazzo Jr .


(408) 310-6455

Bill Asher Dazzo’d one of Ben Harpers guitars here that he used on a tour .

1946 Gibson LG-2

suggestion ON saddle line or slightly in front  . Note pie wedges for support .

Mike Manrings acoustic bass

Check your local DAzzo carriers:

Grypons Stringed Instruments Palo Alto Calif

Lark in the Morning  Mendocino Calif

McCabes Guitar Shoppe Santa Monica Calif

Brawers Guitar repair San Fransisco Calif

Goodstuff Guitars Martinez Calif

Shoenberg Guitars  Tiburon Calif

Westwood Music LA Calif

Starving Musician Santa Clara Calif

Chandlers Guitar store UK


Bill Asher guitars LA

“B” Street Music San Mateo Calif

Benjamin Guitars UK

Yamamoto guitars USA

Eric Shoenberg Guitars

Magnet shows saddle line locale .ON saddle line is recommended or in front of it for more bass .





FLIP AROUND FOR MORE CLEARITY  !!!Use Plastic Welder. Don’t use tape or putties .


You will love it !


This way of installing it is for playing it in a band so you will cut thru more .


This way of installing it is the ols way and it works well .